Monologue I – “…and Justice for All”


Marimba Solo

This was the first piece I wrote for my friend Alejandro Ruiz. By the time he commissioned this piece I was overwhelmed by a tremendous solo by Al Pacino in the movie “…and Justice for All” –yes! the same title as Metallica’s third album– and the main thing that stroked me was the form of Pacino’s final monologue. The character is a lawyer and he is giving his last statement defending his client and makes you believe that actually the guy is innocent, he drives you through the whole path of arguments that support his innocence, but no… at the very end of his statement he changes his mind and suddenly acuses his own client! This is the link to the monologue.

All of that is hard to put in music, but this piece follow roughly the scheme of this great monologue performed by Pacino.

Check as well the website of Alejandro on this link. This piece was included in his second album called “La Marimba de los Compositores Colombiano Vol. 2.”

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