The Spiral On Your Back

for percussion+creative performer+live electronics

Commissioned by Keith Aleo and Mike Truesdell

My wife's tattoo. Inspiration for my piece "The spiral on your back"

My wife’s tatoo gave me the idea for the title.

This piece is at the same time many pieces. It consists of two components: the fixed part – the one that is notated – created by the composer and the flexible part – the loops – crated by the performer during the performance. The type of loop that the performer chooses to create will completely change the perception of the fixed part. Thus, he has the power to create always a different interaction between the parts.

How is this related to a trip and the suitcase commissions?

When we travel we usually have a point of departure and a point of arrival but there are always many possible paths to reach our final goal. You can take path A, B or C and still arrive to the same place. Path A could be a rocky mountain, B a flat valley and C a seat in your car. The destination is set for you but you get to choose the path you take.

To download the Max/MSP patch contact the composer here.

This an audio sample with me playing the percussion part. The official premiere will be announced soon.

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