Oh!, The Places I’ve Been


Bass Clarinet+Electronics

Commissioned by Jeremiah Rittel.

Selected to be premiered in the International Clarinet Convention ClarinetFest® 2015 in July at Madrid, Spain.

Finding ideas on literature to write music is something that I enjoy, in this case I relied on a famous book by American writer Dr. Seuss “Oh!, The Places you’ll go.” Suggested by my friend, clarinetist Jeremiah Rittel, it is a well-known book addressed to youngsters but aplicable to anyone who stars a new stage in life. Written in a fine rhyme, the author describes imaginary places that challenge the child in the story.


The day my friend Jeremiah and I met Harry Sparnaay in Madrid, Spain

After a long discussion on how we should approach this project creation we decided to tell the story from the other side. To give the answer and to tell those places that we have been after these advices were given. The intention was then to give sounds to the experiences in those places and even to describe the music present there. The project is still under construction, so far we have worked on two movements titled: “That Place that Never Sleeps”, that intends to describe that agitated life in any big American city, and the second one “That Place You’ll Never Know” based on that feeling of losing a place that meant a lot to you but that doesn’t exist anymore, motivated by a Russian documentary titled “Russia in Bloom”. You can watch it on this link.

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