¡Ay, Oí!



Commissioned by Alejandro Ruiz.

Premiered in Zeltsman Marimba Festival 2014. Appleton, Wisconsin.

After our first collaboration with Alejandro Ruiz we both realized that he needed a highly contrasting  piece in his recital and that perhaps a way of doing that was adding electronics to his proposal. Also, I had always had a personal debt to the traditional “Marimba de Chonta” from Colombia and wanted to use some of this music to write a new piece. With all of these in mind I started simply improvising on the marimba and the piano based on all those melodies I heard since my childhood performed by traditional ensembles that use a small marimba together with hand-made drums and shakers.  The electronic part encompasses the sounds of the water, wood, and hand drums to create soundscape that combined with the marimba (also wood) that should drive the audience to a warm, bright, and colorful coast on the pacific ocean.

A fact that not many people knows is that in 2010 the Marimba music from the Colombian Pacific coast was declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, check this link to learn more about it.

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