Uneven Portraits

Sax quartet

Commissioned by Joe Rulli and Ellision sax quartet

It’s all about that groove in this sax quartet. It has five movements, yes, its a lot, three of them are titled cycles—basically a fancy word for pattern—that repeat and repeat (hey! not like minimalism, that’s complete other thing). The repetitions are more related to popular music that through repetitions create groove. The other two movements “Victims” and “Absence” use a number to create the melody (nothing new either) the number is 5.405.629. This number is the number of victims of the conflict in Colombia as counted by the government and the Colombian journal “Semana” in the project titled “Víctimas”. Check the website here (it’s only in Spanish). This project gives a sad account of the number of victims classified by type and through real testimonies shows the severity of this problem. Using this number as a motive for the music is an homage to these people a little attempt to remember these victims.

20150425_173115The piece was premiered at NASA Region 4 by my friends from the University of Missouri Sax Quartet “Ellision.” Check their Facebook page here.



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