They Tried to Bury Us, The Didn’t Know We Were Seeds


for Marimba, Saxophone and Electronics

I am going to to this different. I am going to let some speaks on my behalf about this piece. This is a short interview right before the US-premiere of the piece in the MICF 2015. The interviewer is the composer Stefan Freund and the interviewed is the percussionist Megan Arns. (both professors at the University of Missouri). Megan commissioned this piece together with saxophonist Leo Saguiguit for their performance in OpenSax in Strasbourg, France on 2015.

Ferguson - 1

Ferguson - 3

Ferguson - 2



My international friends helping me out with the recordings of the texts



This is the short interview

Ferguson 6 - 1

Megan Arns and Leo Saguiguit during the premiere at World Saxophone Congress in France

And here is the audio of the piece


All Lives Matter!

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