Sobre Uno Mismo (About Oneself)


Flute solo and Chamber group (Pn, Vc, Cl, Perc.)

Adaption for chamber ensemble of the first movement of “Monologue III.”

Premiered by Taller Sonoro in Bogotá, Colombia. Check their website here.

" otro cuando soy,                                    “…I am another when I am,
los actos míos son más míos                                     my acts are more mine
si son también de todos,                                  if they belong to everyone,
para que pueda ser he de ser otro,                  for I may be, I have to be other,
salir de mí,                                                          abandon myself,
buscarme entre los otros,                              search myself into the others,
los otros que no son                                     the others that do not exist
si yo no existo,                                                   if I do not exist,
los otros que me dan plena existencia,        the others that give me full existence,
no soy, no hay yo,                                           I am not, there is no me
siempre somos nosotros..." ,                                        it is always us…”
Octavio Paz - Piedra de Sol                                    Octavio Paz – Sunstone                                                                        

With these words from his poem “Sunstone,” Mexican Nobel Prize winner Octavio Paz, inquires into the topic of identity and gave me an idea for a new work. This piece, is actually two pieces “About Oneself” is the first part and “About the Others” the second one. During the time I wrote these pieces, I was reflecting upon the concept of originality, and I decided to take to write a piece based on “original ideas” and other one based on “other people’s ideas”. Ok, but, how do you get your “original ideas”? … Well, I simply decided to improvise and to take the result as pure as possible to create my “original” piece of music. I know it’s completely arguable, as one always has external influence in the creative process, and it’s almost imposible to create such thing as “100% original music,” but I gave it a try. The result was a very melodic piece… I didn’t expect that, but it reflected the creativity in that moment.

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