Illegal Cycles (pierrot version)

Originally written for Wild Up. Arranged for Mizzou NME

Pierrot ensemble (Fl, Cl, Vln, Vcl, Pno, Perc)

There is always that unique chance you have to write for your close friends. I did this arrangement for the six great musicians who play with me in the New Music Ensemble at Mizzou. My teacher/mentor Stefan Freund put his intense energy in this to make it work just how I wanted.

Yeah, the idea of arranging an “old tune” may sound like a lazy solution to “expand your portfolio” (in a way it totally is!) but at the same time, it is a hard exercise of sacrificing the original ideas and reinventing them in the new group. Cool exercise to rethink the past and look at it through a different perspective. We don’t have that chance always.

Nothing more to say about this piece than:

“There is a simple way to describe this piece. Put on your headphones. On one side play a piece by –let’s say – Lutoslawski or John Cage, on the other one, play Fania All-Stars or your (favorite salsa or Latin jazz band). Initially, your head might struggle with this combination, but keep the faith. Sometimes you will hear a rather noisy and aggressive sound, sometimes your body will respond tapping your foot. Eventually, you will hear the parts getting along quite well and sounding as a unity. ‘Illegal Cycles’ is an attempt to contaminate salsa with some noise, yet at the same time, to look for the groove in the fine-art sound of the freely improvised music. It is nothing else but a natural product of our post-postmodern world, where the artistic boundaries between genres are happily long gone” – José Martínez