Cyclic Variations


Premiered by Alejandro Ruiz’s percussion studio, Medellín, Colombia

Pieces are born –sometimes– with a specific purpose and instrumentation in mind. One thinks the initial instrumentation is the more accurate, that’s why it is chosen. As the untamable musical forces unfold, one starts to realize that perhaps the sounds migrate towards other whereabouts and that one must succumb to this ulterior desire. It’s a bit of an inner struggle but music always wins, it’s not worth fighting.

After listening my sax quartet Uneven Portraits a strenuous feeling visited my ears and told me that this piece was meant to be written for four marimbas and not four saxes. Well, I struggled, because they are quite different instruments and honestly, I really liked the result I had so far. You just don’t change the names on the score and voilá a new piece is born. Food for thought. I didn’t want to write new music, I wanted to hear the same one on other timbres and personnel. Decided! I arranged three movements for four marimbas, let’s see how it goes!

Marimbas - 1

Skype rehearsal with Alejandr0’s students

I sent it to my friend Alejandro Ruiz (who recently plays whatever I write! I love that guy)  for a concert with his students. It went well, I was right. Some ideas are much better on the marimbas. Some others, well, saxes are also great, no?

Ok, challenge accepted. I submitted to a call for scores of USF in Tampa. Selected. Yes! Some months later I received perhaps the most professional video I have of my music! Three cameras, the guys worked hard and precisely, the audio quality sadly not the best, but the music was very accurately played and with the energy that is necessary.

Check the videos below!

Performers: Jessyca Rose, Kyle Spence, Nicolas Remy, and Sherry Donataccio.

I. Endless Dance

II. Infinite Victims

III. Never-ending Mountains