Almost a statement…
Composition for me is a creative process that reflects evolution and diversity. In my music there are traces of diverse styles going from the intricate modern music music to Latin American popular music, electronics, sampling, as well as the exciting rhythmic energy of heavy metal. It’s all about how I feel and what is on the plate for the creation. Aesthetically, I rather go towards an undefinable style, one that allows me an eclectic artistic approach, one that reflects my multiple musical preferences, one that reacts to a world in which connectivity and diversity slowly tears down many walls and boundaries.
I enjoy music on the radio as well as I enjoy the magnificent sound of a symphonic orchestra, a salsa band, a string quartet or a heavy metal band. For me masterpieces are Gerard Grisey’s Partiels, Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Between the Buried and Me’s Parallax II: Future Sequence, Béla Bartós’s Fourth String Quartet or Machito’s Afro Cuban Suite. I have borrowed from all of them and that keeps my scope wide and willing to receive a lot from this diverse world.

Chamber Music


Solo + Electronics


Multimedia/Chamber with Electronics

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