Almost a statement…
Composition for me is a creative process that reflects evolution and diversity. In my music there are traces of diverse styles going from the intricate avant-garde music to Latin American popular music, a little bit of jazz, as well as the exciting rhythmic energy of heavy metal. It’s all about how I feel and what is on the plate for the creation. Aesthetically, I rather go towards an undefinable style, one that allows me an eclectic artistic approach, one that reflects my multiple musical preferences, one that reacts to a world in which connectivity and diversity slowly tears down many walls and boundaries.
I enjoy music on the radio as well as I enjoy the magnificent sound of a symphonic orchestra, a salsa band, a string quartet or a heavy metal band. For me masterpieces are Gerard Grisey’s Partiels, Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Between the Buried and Me’s Parallax II: Future Sequence, Béla Bartós’s Fourth String Quartet or Machito’s Afro Cuban Suite. I have borrowed from all of them and that keeps my scope wide and willing to receive a lot from this diverse world.

Chamber Music


Solo + Electronics


Multimedia/Chamber with Electronics

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