Mutaciones I



National Culture Prize 2013 awarded by Universidad de Antioquia. Medellín, Colombia

And then I didn’t received (as usual) an email saying: we received a lot of applications (sometimes they even apologize for the belated notification), most of them of really high quality (here perhaps something about receiving more submissions than they expected) but sadly your piece was not selected for our event and blah, blah, blah (and definitely they never tell you why)…. But, I receive (finally) an email direct and motivating!: Mr. Martínez you are the winner of the National Cultural Prize 2013 given by the Universidad de Antioquia…. and then celebration, joy, $$$$, couple of drinks with friends and a heavy prize made of crystal.

The piece was the beginning of my (re)appreciation of popular music. In this case the experimentation was on Colombian folk music simply because is the one that is closer to me. Once the work was finished the folk content was hard to recognize because it was treated in such way that it mutated far enough from its origin (yes, that’s related to the name). On the other hand the orchestration and the rhythmic activity of the piece are strong enough to support the nine-minute discourse. Mutaciones II and III are on the way, one of those never-ending projects self-created to make myself productive.

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