Danzas Tórridas (Torrid Dances)


Chamber Ensemble

Written for and premiered by Alarm Will Sound for the Missouri International Composers Festival 2014.


10482611_747036122022813_5457335452197421648_n (1)

Coming to the stage after the premiere

And I got an email saying “you have to write a piece for Alarm Will Sound”, and then the next second I thought “What can I write for them that is worth saying?” It is a real challenge to write a piece for musicians that can literally play everything you write but it also frees your mind to experiment your loudest dreams. For this piece, I went out of my comfort zone and decided to do something I had never done before (but always wanted to do) to write something that had a Latin vibe in the music, not as a suggestion but direct and frontal. Dancing is a huge part of almost all population in Latin America, it is certainly a stereotype (but sometimes we use them because there’s no other way to say things), but in my case being born in Cali, Colombia “The Salsa Capital of the World” (although I don’t completely agree with this denomination for the city) it is absolutely applicable. I went tropical with this piece and used the musical influences from one of the most popular streams of Latin music. Salsa is a big thing for Latin America, it is undeniable that it represents the mainstream culture and in a way the behavior of people.

I want to do a brief but concise statement. Yes. I do believe that popular music is as important as classical music, and yes it shouldn’t be borderlines between them. Yes, I do know that it is really hard to integrate them as the cultural borders (mainly imposed by ourselves) are thick but it’s completely worth trying it. Finally, I do believe that it is absolutely necessary for every musician to be aware of what is going on with the mainstream music because there is always a lot we can learn from that. Wasn’t this what all these guys with white wigs did back then?


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