Monologue IV – Bilingualism/Bilingüismo

Snare Drum solo


Commissioned by

Andy Miller (leader).

Commission Members: Aaron Villarreal (US), Akira Robles (US), Alejandro Ruiz (Col), Ben Charles (US), Carlos Camacho (Panama-US), Daniel Arango (Col), Eduardo Caicedo (Col), Juan David Forero (Col), Juan Mauricio Bahamón (Col-Germany), Mario Sarmiento (Col), Mitchell Beck (US), and  Russel Wharton (US)

I had the pleasure to meet Andy Miller (check out his website) when he was a Fulbright Fellow in Bogotá. He has studied broadly Afro Caribbean percussion as well as concert percussion. That was actually our point of departure and also common interests when we started working on this project. We thought it would be interesting to create a solo piece for snare drum that would incorporate both traditions, the orchestral and the Caribbean music tradition. I am not a stranger to this idea, as I have already explored it in other pieces of mine (i.e. Illegal Cycles, Danzas Tórridas)

The title reflects the idea described above, as well as the fact that both of us are bilingual. It also reflects the fact, that most of the consortium members are from either Colombia or the US. And as matter of fact, there are two scores for this piece, one in Spanish the other in English.

  • If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please send me a message on the contact area, and I will reply to you with the steps to follow.

Here’s a video of Andy premiering the piece during his DMA recital at Bloomington, IN.