Collaboration with video and dance


I got political! Found a great team to speak up our minds about the well-known attitude towards immigration from well-known leading politicians in the US. It’s hard to stay outside the loop when everybody is talking about it, and when you are a latino immigrant living four hours away from the Mexican border (due to recent news and just in case, I always keep a copy of my immigration documents in my glove compartment).

Our motto: “Forget the wall, we need a mirror.” That says it all.

Technicalities: Audio is both fixed and live. Dancers have bracelets (Thanks Intel!) that trace their movements and trigger sounds (Max/MSP). Voices are of the five dancers speaking about the topic, all of them women from different provenances.

Kudos to my collaborators Francis Rodriguez (choreographer) and Ashton Bennett Murphy (video)!

This project is part “Ears, Eyes, and Feet”, a 15-year long ongoing collaboration between UT Butler School of Music and Department of Theater and Dance.