Elastic Skin / Piel Elástica

Congas + Ableton + Lemur + Video + Dance


For several years my creative output has been revolving around the idea of integrating Afro Caribbean music with other more experimental and abstract sounds. I have written pieces for chamber ensembles, orchestra, and instruments with electronics that respond to this inquiry in many ways. Now, I have decided to tackle this experiment on the roles of performer, programmer, and improviser and I find myself exploring and developing this sound. My attempt is to bring some sonic experimentation into the Caribbean sound, and at the same time, to enrich the abstract aesthetics with the well-known energy of Latin dance music. Currently, I am developing the project with two collaborators that are adding video and dance to create a submersive experience that will take the audience from experimentation to groove.

The video below is form the third installment of this project (Version 1 perc+elect., Version 2 perc+elect. and video) in which I am accompanied by two of my favorite Austin collaborators, videographer Michael Bruner and dancer Carolina Sirias. In the performance you will find many things among: contrasting musical/dance styles, improvisation, live audio/video processing, reactive video, interaction between dance and music, etc, etc.

Short Version

Version with dance, video, and percussion (preview)

Full Version

Solo version during Line Upon Line Festival