Do I Regret?


Alto Sax and live electronics


This piece pursues the impossibility of reliving the past, of traveling back in time to change one’s path. During improvised sections of the piece, the saxophonist creates “memories” that are recorded, and later return to accompany the written music. The interactive video responds directly to the performer’s improvisations throughout the piece and its content derives from personal memories collected by the performer. The incorporation of improvisation as a fundamental part of the piece, makes each performance fresh and unique. At the end of the piece, the saxophonist revisits their memories in a utopian attempt to change the past, sonically manipulating the samples recorded during the performance. Do I Regret? highlights the universality of regret, an emotion that affects our behavior and relationships.

Audio and video (Draft version)

Alto Sax – Noa Even

Video – Michael Brunet