Current Projects

39 Inside

One of those projects you take very personally.

“In the morning July 23rd 2017, a disoriented Hispanic-looking man showed up at a Walmart in San Antonio asking for water. He looked ill and debilitated. Later that day, police discovered 39 more people in the back of a 18-wheeler truck parked at the store. Eight of them were dead as result of extreme heat exposure and dehydration, one more died later at a hospital”

“39 inside” is a new work involving music and choreography dealing with the issue of undocumented migration to the US. Based on the event afore mentioned, this piece looks to take the audience inside that trailer where this story took place. On stage, a trailer-like structure will serve as the sole space for performers and equipment. Dancers will move to ill, upsetting, and agonizing music written for instruments and electronics, while the main arch of the story is told by a bilingual first person narrator. The perplexed audience outside, quietly witnesses how their struggle for a better life ends only in two ways, deportation or death.

New piece for St. Luke’s Orchestra

As a participant in the DeGaetano Instititute I will be writing an orchestral version of 39 Inside for the awesome St. Luke’s Orchestra. My Colombian buddy James Diaz is also part of this institute.