Ay, Oí!

January 22-24.
IPEW International Percussion Ensemble Week.
Zagreb, Croatia.
Alejandro Ruiz.
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Uneven Portraits

Premiere. February 20-22, 2015. 2015 North American Saxophone Alliance Region IV Conference. Norman, Oklahoma.
University of Missouri Saxophone Quartet.
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The Koda is in Clave

Premiere. March 6th. Oddyssey Chamber Music Series. Columbia, Missouri.
Korn Wahl, viola. Daniel Edwards, perc.
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Looking for the Clave

Premiere. April 8th. Sheldon Concert Hall, St. Louis Missouri.
String Quintet leaded by David Halen, Concertino in St. Louis Orchestra.
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April 19th. Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb Music Biennal Festival
Percussion ensemble leaded by Igor Lesnik
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Monologue II

April 24. Museo Nacional. Bogotá, Colombia
Gabriela Rojas’ senior Recital.

Illegal Cycles

Premiere . May 28 – 31. Disney Concert Hall. Los Angeles, California
Next On Grand: National Composers Intensive
Written for the ensemble Wild Up.

Ay, Oí!

May. Aprico Chisai Hall. Tokyo, Japan
Alejandro Ruiz.
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Oh, The Places I’ve been

Premiere. July 22 – 26. Madrid, Spain
ClarinetFest@2015, International Clarinet Convention
Jeremiah Rittel, Bass clarinet, Jose Martínez, electronics

Sobre Uno Mismo

July 24th. Valencia, Spain
VIPA. Valencia International Performance Academy.
Nomos Group.

They Tried to Bury Us, The Didn’t Know We Were Seeds

Premiere. July 9 – 14, Strasbourg, France
Open Sax, World Saxophone Congress and Festival 2015
Leo Saguiguit, Sax. Megan Arns, perc. José Martínez, electronics

Illegal Cycles

Oct 12th. Whitmore Hall. Columbia, MO
Version for Pierrot Ensemble. Mizzou New Music Ensemble
Stefan Freund, Conductor

Images From Macondo

Oct 22. Columbia, MO
Version for Chamber Orchestra. Ensemble Exit 128
Travis Herd, Conductor.

Cyclic Variations

Nov. 1. Premiere. Tampa, Fl
USF Percussion ensemble. Robert McCormick, artistic director

Cyclic Variations

November. Medellín, Colomba
Alejandro Ruíz’ studio.