violin+live electronics

A crack, a burst, that piece of wood that breaks,
                            Pain in the bones, disgust, and anger. Scowling breathless hopeless thought.
A crack, a burst, that miniature explosion that breaks you,
                            Stretched ugliness transformed into what you call beauty, a beloved beast, the noise in the silence.
A crack, a burst, that dream that tears apart,
                        The stupid dilemma of right and wrong, your daily dose of indomitable reality. A crack, a burst…

José Martínez

At times one is angry, and you just have to yell. Many were angry during the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. Many of us are still angry. I streamed that frustration through the overpressure, the Bartok pizz., the 16ht note heavy-metal-esque ostinato, and other sounds like these. I am glad I found Sara Sasaki, an amazing violinist who took over the piece and yelled with me.

Fun fact! During the premiere of the piece, there was a faulty cable, that produced cracks and pops during the performance and many audience members thought this was intended, due to the title and the idea of the piece.